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                          WHY CHOOSE ME ?

I am committed to providing you with superior legal support.
I approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. As a nurse attorney I have the added advantage of having the unique perspective of nursing from which to evaluate your case and provide a defense of your nursing license. Nursing license defense is not a "side line" to my practice, it is the biggest part of my practice !

I believe that I have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal solutions for my clients, offering high-quality legal work and exceptional, personal client service couples with agressive representation in all of the areas that I practice.  You will deal with ME, you will NOT BE shunted off to an associate or assistant.  I take dealing with the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing and nursing license defense VERY seriously!  As I said earlier, this is not a "sideline" for my practice, it is the basis for my practice of law.  To me nothing is more important that nursing license defense, and I am proud to call myself a nurse attorney. 

My practice focus is on the problems of nurses and their families.  Every client relationship is valued greatly, whether it is a nurse needing her licensed defended or one of her family members that needs a criminal defense.  Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of my expertise in both nursing and the law. As a nurse attorney I am at the forefront of ever-changing laws that effect your nurisng practice and work closely with clients, fully committed to exceeding client expectations.  Whether it is a nurse facing the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing who needs a solid nursing license defense, the challenges of a divorce or a family member facing criminal charges, I will provide you with personal service that you can rely on.

I am proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to me for counsel and representation, and I make sure that we all work hard to earn that loyalty every day. 

The Law Office of James M. Barber, charges nurses a flat fee for representation in Oklahoma State Board of Nursing disciplinary investigations. Nursing license defense, like any legal service is NOT cheap, but it is afforable.  If you have professional liability insurance with HPSO or NSO, we will handle your case after payment of a retainer and bill the insurance company upon resolution of the complaint for the remainder of the amount due. We are also available to assist nurses who have professional liability insurance with a nursing license defense benefit with NSO, Marsh Affinity/Chicago Insurance Company, and other insurers of nurses.

The majority of my clients, and nurses in general, do not have a professional liability insurance policy with a nursing license defense protection benefit and must pay their own legal fees. Before assuming that retaining an attorney will cost too much money, contact me regarding your case. 

   You need an attorney with my experience if:

  • A complaint has been filed against your license with the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing or the Office of Attorney General;
  • Your license has been suspended and you need assistance meeting the terms and conditions for reinstatement;   
  • Formal charges are filed against your license with the Nursing Board alleging violations of the Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act;
  • A hearing is scheduled related to a complaint filed against your license before the full membership of the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing;
  • You are planning to self-report to the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing PEER Program for Chemical Dependency;
  • You are asked to sign a Consent Agreement, Consent Decree, Stipulated Order or an Agreed Order and don't understand the terms and conditions in the legal document and you don't know how the document will impact your nursing license and your nursing career;
  • You receive a Notice of Hearing from the Oklahoma State Nursing Board;
  • You are being encouraged by your employer or colleagues to "self-report" an incident to the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing;
  • A Nursing Board Investigator or Regulatory Board agent contacts you and want to meet with you to discuss your nursing practice or a complaint filed against you;
  • An Oklahoma State Board of Nursing investigator or Regulatory Board agent asks you to provide a written statement regarding the allegations in the complaint filed against you;
  • You received a temporary, summary or automatic license suspension by the Board;
  • You were terminated from your employment and told that you are being reported to the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing for allegedly violating the Nurse Practice Act and/or Board rules;
  • A Board investigator or agent wants to conduct an telephone interview of you regarding a complaint filed against your license;
  • If you have been contacted by federal, state, or local law enforcement and you are being "encouraged" to admit guilt or confess to criminal conduct. You want to make informed decision.  You should seriously consider invoking your right to legal counsel and contacting an attorney before you answer any questions or provide a written statement to your employer, law enforcement, and/or the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing. For example, theft of drugs is a crime as well as a violation of the Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act, and its a felony offense that may have criminal, licensure, employment, regulatory, career, and personal ramifications for you; or    
  • You have been charged with a crime. If you are charged with a crime, consider retaining a criminal defense attorney to represent you in the criminal proceeding and consulting with me immediately regarding the licensure implications of a potential criminal conviction. Don't assume that your criminal defense attorney is familiar with Board administrative law and the licensure implications of a guilty, no contest, deferred sentencing or Alford plea.
  • do handle criminal matters, but if you already have a criminal lawyer I will work with you and your criminal defense attorney (in a manner that preserves attorney-client privilege for each matter) as needed because the final disposition in the criminal case impacts the resulting Nursing Board case.
  • If you are convicted of a crime (felony or misdemeanor), the conviction may impact your license regardless of whether the crime was committed in "practice", in furtherance of professional activities, or on your personal time in your personal life. Remember criminal laws are written to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the role of a Board is to protect the public from unsafe care. The Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act  specifically speaks to these issues.
  • If you have been convicted of crime, you must refer to the Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act and Oklahoma State Board of Nursing regulations to determine if the conviction must be reported the Board and the time frame for reporting if necessary. Also keep in mind that if you are licensed in more than one state, action against your license in one state will eventually impact your license in another state(s).



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